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I’m always telling my friends and individuals I come in contact with about my passion to live purposefully. I even offer workshops on Discover the Path to Your Purpose. One of the topics we cover in the workshop is stepping out of your comfort zone.

Well, I’m excited to tell you that I’ve taken another step out of my comfort zone. I’ve written my first book!

Discover the Path to Your Purpose: A 10-Day Devotional Journey 


Discover the Path to Your Purpose is intended to be used as both a devotional and journal. Each day’s reading starts with a thought-provoking Bible verse on which to meditate. The topic is then discussed in easy-to-understand language, laced with scripture, and ends with three reflective questions, including sufficient space to record your thoughts. In the end, I lay out for you how to create your personal plan of action to walk in the purpose for which God created you!

I’m sure you or someone you may know is seeking the reason for their existence. This 10-day devotional journal is the launching pad for them to Discover the Path to Their Purpose!

Order a copy today for yourself, family members, friends and co-workers.

Begin the journey to live purposefully today, order now! 

Pat HartmanIt’s Here!

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