The God of Purpose

Jesus’ characteristics are listed in His many names. God’s Son given to us is the God of peace, the God of power, the God of provision, and the God of purpose. He shall reign over all of the earth. A believer’s source of peace comes from God and the knowledge that we have been united with Him through Jesus Christ. We can call on the many Names of Jesus knowing and trusting that He has the power and the desire to be all things to us.

Which Name of Jesus do you need in the circumstance you face today? Will you call on Him, trusting that He will supply your every need?

Father God, I thank You that Your Truth and Your power are greater than my difficulties, struggles, and tribulations. I thank You for sending Your Son for counseling, comfort, compassion, and love. I thank You that I can call on the Name of Jesus and He will respond. Lord, make my first response be the desire to call upon Your Name, no matter what I face. In Jesus’ name. Amen

Isaiah 9:6-7

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Pat HartmanThe God of Purpose

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